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Waffen SS Bronze ID Tag.



Waffen SS ID Tag SN-49
SS Helmet decals. Pair




SS Helmet decals SN-50
SS Evening Dress Badge. Superb copy of this very rare item complete with stamps to the reverse.




SS Evening Dress Badge SN-51
British Free Korps Shield. Hand embroidered union jack shield worn on the sleeve of the Waffen SS `British Free Korps`.




British Free Korps Shield SN-52
SS metal cap eagle. 1st pattern




SS Metal Cap eagle SN-53
Flandern SS volunteers shield. Woven type.




Flandern SS volunteers shield SN-54
SS metal cap skull. 1st pattern




SS Metal Cap Skull SN-55
Danish SS volunteers shield.




Danish SS volunteers shield SN-56
French SS volunteers shield. Good quality machine woven shield.




French SS volunteers shield SN-57
Dutch SS volunteers shield. Good quality machine woven shield.




Dutch SS volunteers shield SN-58
A great offer. SS cap skull and eagle 1st pattern




SS cap set 1st pattern SN-59
Croatian SS Volunteers shield. Worn by the 13th SS Mountain Division `Handschar` (1st Croatian).




Croatian SS Volunteers shield SN-60
SS Cap eagle 2nd pattern




SS Cap eagle metal 2nd SN-61
SS Metal totenkopf 2nd pattern




SS cap skull metal 2nd SN-62
SS Officers sword Knot in silver.




SS Officers sword Knot SN-63
Gestapo ID `Zentral Inspection` Disc. Made from heavy Brass with serial number and RZM stamps




Gestapo Zentral Inspection Disc SN-64
SS Enlisted man`s Sword Knot. Very nice quality




SS Em Sword Knot SN-65
SS metal cap set. Includes both skull and eagle. Great value offer




SS Cap set 2nd pattern SN-66
Waffen SS Pillow case. Waffen SS Pillow case. Screen printed. Ideal gift!




Waffen SS Pillow case SN-67