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Waffen SS enlisted mans trapzoid for M43 cap. Thread on field grey wool.



Waffen SS Wool Trapzoid SN-25
Allgemeine SS Sleeve badge for female auxiliary workers. Silver bullion wire.




Allgemeine SS Female workers badge SN-26
SS Signals Trade Badge. Grey thread on black wool diamond.




SS Signals Trade Badge SN-27
High quality silver bullion wire SS medics trade badge.




SS Medical officers sleeve badge SN-28
SS Totenkopfverbande sleeve diamond in grey thread




SS Totenkopfverbande Sleeve Diamond SN-29
SS police sleeve eagle in silver bullion wire



SS police sleeve eagle SN-30
Allgemeine SS life (Leben) rune diamond in silver wire.




SS `Life` Rune diamond SN-31
Police enlisted mans sleeve diamond for Waffen SS members. Grey thread on black wool.




SS Police Diamond SN-32
SS trade badge for armourer. Grey thread on black wool.




SS Armourer trade badge SN-33
SS Odal rune sleeve diamond in silver bullion wire. For race and re-settlement department.




SS Odal Rune SN-34
SS trade badge. Thread type Worn on the sleeve



Allgemeine SS trade badge SN-35
SS `Der Fuhrer` regiment slip on cypers for shoulder boards. Grey thread




Der Fuhrer cypers SN-36
SS police runes worn on the breast.




SS Police Runes SN-37
SS Sports vest insignia. Bevo




SS Sports vest insignia SN-38
Waffen SS Gebirgsjager(Mountain troops) cap insignia. Super quality thread type for enlisted men.




Waffen SS Em Edelweiss SN-39

Waffen SS mountain troops cap insignia in bullion. Super quality.



Waffen SS officers edelweiss SN-40
Waffen SS officers Edelweiss sleeve/breast insignia. Hand embroidered in silver and gold wire. Superb.



Waffen SS officers Edelweiss/sleeve SN-41
Waffen SS Oberschutze star. Light grey thread on black wool backing




Waffen SS Oberschutze star SN-42
Silver tresse on black wool backing




Waffen SS Sturmann SN-43
Waffen SS Rottenfuhrer. Silver tresse on black wool backing




Waffen SS Rottenfuhrer SN-44
SS "Old Fighters" Alte Kampfer chevron. Silver tresse with black cotton on black wool backing.



SS "Old Fighters" Alte Kampfer chevron SN-45
SA-SS pilots badge in silver bullion wire and metal eagle.




SA-SS pilots badge SN-46
Super quality SS cuff links. Silver runes on black enamel. Complete with RZM stamp and numbered M/183.




SS Cuff Links SN-47
Gestapo warrant disc. Numbered. Superb quality silver finish.




Gestapo ID/Warrant Disc SN-48