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Super quality SS Officers cap eagle. Hand embroidered in silver bullion wire.



SS Officers cap eagle SN-01
SS Leibstandarte `Adolf Hitler`slip on cypers for shoulder boards. Grey thread





SS LAH wool cypers SN-02
SS Officers sleeve eagle handmade in silver bullion wire




SS Officers sleeve eagle SN-03
SS `Leibstandarte` brass ciphers for shoulder boards. Pair. Also in silver.




SS `LAH` ciphers SN-04
`Sepp` Dietrich sleeve eagle hand made in gold bullion wire.




Sepp Dietrich Sleeve eagle SN-05
SS Enlisted mans Sleeve eagle in gray thread. Machine made to look exactly like the originals.





SS Em Sleeve eagle SN-06
SS BeVo Sleeve eagle in grey. Superb quality made from an original example.





SS BeVo Sleeve eagle SN-07
SS BeVo sleeve eagle in green thread for camo wear.





SS BeVo sleeve eagle/green SN-08
SS sleeve eagle BeVo type in tan. Perfect copy. We believe this is the best BeVo example availalbe.





SS BeVo sleeve eagle/Tan SN-09
SS BeVo Totenkopf in green. For use on Camo caps.





SS BeVo Totenkopf in green SN-10
SS BeVo Totenkopf in tan.





SS BeVo Totenkopf/Tan SN-11
Enlisted mans ss cap eagle. Machine embroidered





SS Cap eagle EM SN-12
BeVo Totenkopf (deaths head) with the wording of the Famous manufacture`BeVo Wuppertal"





BeVo Wuppertal Totenkopf SN-13
SS Bevo Totenkopf cap badge for enlisted men





SS BeVo Totenkopf Em SN-14
SS cap eagle/BeVo style. Very good quality. Availalbe in grey, green and tan. Please choose below




SS cap eagle/BeVo SN-15
SS Totenkopf cap badge handmade in silver bullion wire. Officers type




SS Totenkopf cap badge SN-16
SS Totenkopf enlisted mans cap badge. Classic grinning skull type





SS Totenkopf em cap badge SN-17
Totenkopf officers cap badge. Classic grinning skull type





SS Totenkopf officers cap badge SN-18
M43 Em cap trapzoid BeVo for SS panzer divisions



SS M43 Em cap trapzoid BeVo SN-19
SS Trapzoid BeVo subdued type for M43 cap




SS M43 Trapzoid subdued SN-20
M43 Officers cap Trapzoid for SS Panzer Officers Ski caps. Silver bullion wire





SS M43 Officers cap Trapzoid SN-21
Super quality cap insignia for SS M43 Panzer caps. Machine embroiderd type.





SS Cap trapzoid/ thread type SN-22
Standard SD sleeve diamond in grey thread.





SD Diamond SN-23
SD sleeve diamond for officers. Handmade in silver bullion wire





SD sleeve diamond SN-24