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22nd Freiwilligen - Kavallerie SS Division ( Maria Theresia Division ).Officers type cuff title in bullion wire.



Maria Theresia Division cuff title It-225
Langemark BeVo cuff title ( 27th SS Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division ).


SS `Langemark` cuff title in BeVo It-226
27th SS Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division ( Langemark Flamische 1st Division )




Langemark cuff title It-227
28th SS Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division ( Wallonien Division )




Wallonien officers cuff title It-228
Wallonien Division enlisted mans cuff title




Wallonien em cuff title It-229
SS Division "British Free Corps" cuff title in the correct gothic type.




British Free Corps cuff title It-230
SS `Wallonien`cuff title in BeVo. Complete with Bevo Wuppertal. Super copy.


SS `Wallonien`cuff title/BeVo It-231
Westland officers cuff title




SS Westland officers cuff title It-232
Frw.Legion Flandern officers cuff title in silver wire




Frw.Legion Flandern cuff title It-233
Frw.Legion Flandern RZM style. BeVo stock has replaced thread RZM type.




Frw.Legion Flandern em cuff title It-234
33rd Waffen Grenadier Division Der SS( Charlemagne Division ) Officers cuff title in silver bullion.




SS Charlemagne Division cuff title It-235
34th Waffen grenadier SS Division ( Landstorm Nederland Division )




Nederland Division cuff title It-236
Nederland Division enlisted mans cuff title




Nederland Division Em cuff title It-237
SD-hauptamt cuff title in silver bullion wire.




SD-hauptamt cuff title It-238




1. SS Totenkopf- standarte"OBERBAYERN" skull It-239
Julius Schrek cuff title in silver bullion




Julius Schrek cuff title It-240
Deutschland regiment cuff title, gothic type in silver bullion wire




Deutschland cuff title It-241
Der Fuhrer cuff title in silver bullion wire




Der Fuhrer cuff title It-242
SS 2nd regiment` Germania `.Bullion wire




Germania cuff title It-243
Reinhard Heydrich` SS Gebirgsjager honour cuff title in silver bullion wire.



Reinhard Heydrich cuff title It-244
SS Totenkofstandarte 3 `Thuringen`in silver bullion wire




Thuringen cuff title It-245
RFSS (ReichsFuhrer SS) cuff title for members of Himmler staff




SS Hauptamt cuff title It-246
SS Totenkopfverbande bullion cuff title. Pre war camp guards division.




RFSS cuff title It-247
SS Feldgendarmerie (SS Field Police) bullion cuff title.




SS Totenkopfverbande cuff title It-248