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Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss for the German Afrika Korps. Hand embroidered bullion wire for officers.




Afrika Koprs Edelweiss ID-901
Afrika Campaign Shield. Large hand embroidered badge. A very attractive design



Afrika Campaign Shield ID-902
German Cross in gold on black backing for Panzer personel.




German Cross in Gold / Panzer ID-903
Afrika Korps Obergefreiter chevron.




Afrika Korps Obergefreiter chevron ID-904
Panzer officers cap eagle in silver wire on black wool.




Panzer officers cap eagle ID-905
Panzer officers breast eagle in silver wire on black wool.




Panzer officers breast eagle ID-906
Panzer Breast Eagle for enlisted men embroidered grey thread on black wool.




Panzer Breast Eagle ID-907
Great BeVo example of the Panzer breast eagle




Panzer BeVo breast eagle ID-908
Afrika korp BeVo Breast eagle for Tropical tunics


DAK Bevo Breast eagle ID-909
Tank destruction Award. Great copy. Silver and gold grades available



Tank destruction Award ID-910
Panzer M43 cap Trapzoid Bevo




Panzer BeVo trapzoid ID-911
DAK (German Afrika Korp) cap eagle. BeVo/woven type.




Afrika Korp cap eagle ID-912
Afrika korp BeVo cockade for tropical cap.




DAK BeVo cockade ID-913
Superb woven DAK cuff title. Finest quality woven in fine silver wire and silk tan and green thread.




Afrika Korps cuff title ID-914
Afrika Korps` Afrika with palms`Cuff title for enlisted men in grey thread. Looks like an original!




Afrika campaign EM cuff title ID-915
Embroidered tan coloured cockade for tropical caps, suitable for Dak or Luftwaffe




Tan Cockade ID-916
Afrika Campaign cuff title. Officers style in silver bullion.




Afrika campaign cuff title ID-917
Panzer collar tabs for the Herman Goring Division with white piping.




Panzer collar tabs HG ID-918
German Afrika Korps enlisted mans S/Boards. Availalbe in 3 different waffenfarbe. White for Infantry, Green for Gebirgsjager, Orange for feldgendarmerie. Nice quality boards.



DAK em S/Boards ID-919
Armoured personnel collar tabs. Red piping with fieldgrey backing and metal skulls.




Armoured personnel collar tabs ID-920
Panzer collar tabs, metal skulls, pink piping




Panzer collar tabs ID-921
Afrika Korps collar litzen. Pair




DAK Collar tabs ID-922
Panzer Shoulder Boards for enlisted men. Black wool with pink piping.




Panzer Shoulder Boards Em ID-923
Panzer NCO Shoulder boards. (Unter Offizier)




Panzer NCO S/boards ID-924