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Hitler Youth Shoulder Boards. Early pattern in tan with red embroiderey. Super quality.




Hitler Youth Shoulder Boards IM-1101
German Cross in gold on black backing for Panzer personel.




German Cross in Gold / Panzer IM-1102
Hitler Youth Sports vest insignia.




Hitler Youth insignia IM-1103
Sniper badge 1st class. Nice hand embroidered badge




Sniper badge 1st class IM-1104
German Cross in Gold for Army on fieldgrey backing. Hand stiched with metal gold band.


German Cross in Gold IM-1105
Sniper badge 2nd class. Superb hand embroidered badge.




Sniper badge 2nd class IM-1106
Sniper badge 3rd class. Nice hand embroidered badge




Sniper badge 3rd class IM-1107
Iron Cross 1939 in cloth Heavy bullion wire




Iron Cross 1939 in cloth IM-1108
Krete Campaign cuff title. Hand embroidered.



Krete cuff title IM-1109
German red cross district triangle (Munich) Thread type.


DRK district triangle IM-1100
Hilter youth arm triangle for staff of the Reich youth leader. Very nice quality.




Hilter youth arm triangle IM-1111
Hitler Youth Flag Bearers Arm Shield. Hand embroiered in thread on black backing.




Hitler Youth Flag Bearers Arm Shield IM-1112
Freikorps Sauerland` Arm Shield. Great quality embroidered badge. This unit from the 20`s became part of the `Volkssturm`toward the end of the war.



Freikorps Sauerland shield IM-1113
Afrika Campaign cuff title. Officers style in silver bullion.




Afrika campaign cuff title IM-1114
Diplomats Eagle. In bullion wire.




Diplomats Eagle IM-1115
German Cross in gold with blue/grey backing for Luftwaffe




German Cross gold LW IM-1116
Propaganda company cuff title. Super quality woven example of this rare cuff title. Silver tread on dark blue backing.




Propaganda company cuff title IM-1117
Rank insignia worn on Army and SS camouflage clothing. Screen printed on lightweight cotton. We hope to stock the full range soon.



Camo rank insignia IM-1118