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Luftwaffe ribbon bar complete with five metal miniatures. The shield is a Krim campaign shield.




Luftwaffe ribbon bar IL-701
Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge in Cloth.superb copy of a very rare item is now available. Produced on blue/grey wool in silver bullion wire.



Ground Assault Badge in Cloth IL-702
Luftwaffe silver tresse. Correct pattern. Luftwaffe tropical tresse. Great quality subduded tresse for collars/ shoulder boards and rank chevrons.




Luftwaffe silver tresse IL-703
Luftwaffe eagle for sports vest. Large woven design.




Luftwaffe Sports eagle IL-704
Luftwaffe cap eagle in silver bullion wire




Luftwaffe officers cap eagle IL-705
Luftwaffe enlisted mans cap eagle. Thread on blue/grey wool




Luftwaffe em cap eagle IL-706

Luftwaffe Tropical cap eagle in white thread on tan background



Luftwaffe Tropical cap eagle IL-707
Luftwaffe Generals Cap eagle in gold bullion




Luftwaffe Generals Cap eagle IL-708
Luftwaffe Embroidered Trapzoid for enlisted man.




Luftwaffe embroidered Trapzoid IL-709
Luftwaffe Herman Goring Panzer Division. M43 cap insignia. Machine embroidered.




Luftwaffe Herman Goring cap insignia IL-710

Lufwaffe Tropical cap trapzoid on tan backing



Lufwaffe Tropical trapzoid IL-71
Luftwaffe eagle and wreath set. Die stamped metal with correct prongs to the reverse and maker marks. Super detail with a great `aged` finish



Luftwaffe eagle and wreath IL-712

Luftwaffe Wreath and Cockade in silver bullion wire



Luftwaffe Wreath and Cockade IL-713
Luftwaffe Generals cap wreath in gold.




Luftwaffe Generals wreath and Cockade IL-714
Luftwaffe Generals Breast eagle in gold bullion wire.




Luftwaffe Generals Breast eagle IL-715
Luftwaffe Breast eagle for officers in bullion wire.




Luftwaffe Officers Breast eagle IL-716
Herman Goring officers breast eagle, silver bullion on black




HG div officers breast eagle IL-717
Luftwaffe Breast eagle for enlisted men. Machine made like the originals!




Luftwaffe Breast eagle em IL-718
Fallschimjager breast eagle. Machine embroidered on green backing. Worn on smocks and field tunics.




Fallschimjager breast eagle IL-719
Fallschimjager breast eagle/cotton backed. Machine embroidered on light green backing. Worn on smocks and field tunics.




Fallschimjager breast eagle/cotton backed IL-720
Herman Goring Division breast eagle on black background. Enlisted mans type.




Herman Goring Division breast eagle IL-721
Luftwaffe Tropical breast eagle for enlisted men



Luftwaffe Tropical eagle IL-722

Embroidered tan coloured cockade for tropical caps, suitable for Dak or Luftwaffe



Tan Cockade IL-723

Luftwaffe officers cockade in silver wire.



Luftwaffe officers cockade IL-724