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Early type shoulder boards for enlisted men. Dark green with white piping.


Heer M36 Shoulder boards IH-601
Enlisted mans shoulder boards. Field grey with correct twill backing .Availalbe in most(waffenfarbe)colours.


EM Shoulder boards (all colours) IH-602
Shoulder boards rank pips


S/Boards rank pips (pair) IH-603
Unter Offizier NCO shoulder boards with correct twill backing and silver tresse border. All Waffenfarbe colours.


Unteroffizier S/ boards (All colours) IH-604
Heer Unterfeldwebel Shoulder Boards. Great quality with correct twill backing. All Waffenfarbe colours.


Unterfeldwebel Shoulder Boards(all colours) IH-605
Grossdeutschland Em S/Boards. Embroidered monograme on field grey backing.


Grossdeutschland Em S/Boards IH-606
Grossdeutschland (Unterfeldwebel) NCO S/Boards. Great quality embroidered letters in cotton. Correct backing in twill fabric.


Grossdeutschland NCO S/Boards IH-607
Officers (Lt.-Capt) shoulder boards silver embroidery. Available in different coloured piping


Officers shoulder boards/All colours IH-608
Maj. to Col officers shoulder boards. Availalbe in different coloured underlay


Officers shoulder boards(m-c) IH-609
Heer Generals shoulder boards. Gold and silver bullion on red underlay. Super quality



Heer Generals S/B IH-610
Grossdeutschland brass ciphers for shoulder boards. Pair


GD Ciphers IH-611