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German Cross in Gold for Army on fieldgrey backing. Hand stiched with metal gold band.


German Cross in Gold IH-501
Nachrichtenhelferin des Heeres Cufftitle This was worn by Army female (for Heeres helferinnen) signals staff on the service tunic


Nachrichtenhelferin cuff title IH-502
Heer BeVo cap eagle. Late war subdued type


Heer BeVo cap eagle IH-503
Heer woven officers wreath. Great silver wire wreath and cockade. Worn on `old style`( crusher) caps.


Heer woven officers wreath IH-504
Heer BeVo Cockade


Heer BeVo Cockade IH-505
Heer M43 ski cap Trapzoid BeVo. Combined eagle and cockade in mouse grey.


Heer M43 Trapzoid Bevo IH-506
M43 ski cap insignia. Heer trapzoid machine embroidered on fieldgrey backing.


M43 Heer trapzoid/wool IH-507
Heer cap Eagle. Officers in bullion wire


Heer Officers cap eagle IH-508
Officers breast eagle in silver bullion wire on dark green wool backing


Heer Officers Breast Eagle IH-509
Heer (Army) Generals Breast eagle. Gold bullion wire on dark green backing.


Heer Generals Breast eagle IH-510
Heer (army) eagle worn on the white sports vests. Woven type on white backing. Large eagle measures 21cm.


Heer Sports eagle IH-511
After a long time trying we have a perfect copy of the Heer Breast eagle fro enlisted men. Grey machine embroided eagle on dark green background. We used 100% thick cotton thread in to produce a very authentic slightly aged apperance.


Heer Breast eagle Em IH-512
Heer BeVo Breast Eagle. A stunning reproduction, we belive this is the most convincing copy availalbe. It is on dark green woven background with an aged finish to the eagle, no need to dull it down just sew on to a tunic and it looks 100% authntic.



Heer Breast Eagle/Bevo IH-513
Heer breast eagle BeVo. Late war type in mouse grey.


Heer breast eagle. Late war BeVo IH-514
Heer Metal breast eagle for service tunic


Heer Metal breast eagle IH-515
Heer Wreath and Cockade cap insignia in silver bullion wire on dark green backing.



Heer Wreath and Cockade IH-516
Heer metal cap eagle with 2 prongs to reverse. Antique finish


Heer metal cap eagle IH-517
Heer Generals Wreath and cockade in metal. 2 pieces.


Heer Generals Wreath and cockade in metal IH-518
Heer Metal wreath & Cockade

USD - 5.75

Heer Metal wreath & Cockade IH-519
Grossdeutschland PZG cuff title. Officers in bullion wire on heavy wool backing.


Grossdeutschland officers cuff title IH-520
Grossdeutschland cuff title for Enlisted men PZG in machine embroidered thread on heavy wool backing.



Grossdeutschland Em cuff title IH-521
20. Grossdeutschland cuff title early pattern in green wool for Enlisted men in hand embroidered thread.


Grossdeutschland early em cuff title IH-522
Grossdeutschland early officers cuff title in Green. Bullion wire embroidery.


Grossdeutschland early officers cuff title IH-523
A fantastic reproduction of the early GD woven cuff title.


Grossdeutschland woven IH-524